Buffalo Gateway Chorus Quartets

Buffalo Gateway Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...


Destiny members...
Lead:Kathleen Pitrola
Bass:Marilyn Miller
Baritone:Vicki Shea
Tenor:Judy Newton
General public contact: Marilyn Miller

State: NY


Power Chords

You might think the members of this fun-loving quartet couldn't possibly take themselves too seriously... and you'd be right!  But, with each of them having extensive singing and performing experience, they do take their harmonies seriously! 

Sue Melvin (Baritone) is a second-generation barbershopper and has competed in quartets at the international level in three different voice parts. She is Director of Rochester Chorus (Sweet Adelines) and Rochester Rhapsody Chorus (Harmony Inc.), and also sings bass in FUSION, 6-time Harmony Inc. international medalists. Sue has 3 children and lives in Rochester, NY.

Rosalie Mattison (Lead) is new to the barbershop scene, but is an experienced singer and performer.  She toured the world for 5 years with Young Americans, an international music outreach organization where she met her husband, Jake, and moved from Canada to Buffalo.  She met BGC’s director, Di Porsch, and the rest was history:  She’s hooked on barbershop!

Cindy Rivera (Bass) has come back into Sweet Adelines after an extended break, but she’s no stranger to quartet singing having been on the international competition stage in Daybreak quartet (with Molly) and also in Harmony Fever, Vocal MotionOnyx and Rapture quartets.  She’s happy to be with Power Chords and to be back on the Buffalo Gateway Chorus risers.

Molly Rowland (Tenor) is former Master Director of Buffalo Gateway and honorary life-time member of the chorus. She has competed on the international stage many times with quartets (ModificationsRBQ ConnectionDaybreak, Diamond Jazz), twice placing in the top 10.  She has 3 children and 6 grandchildren, and lives in East Aurora, NY with her husband David.

Contact e-mail: mollybgc@aol.com
Contact phone: 716-652-1931
Website: https://www.facebook.com/PowerChordsQuartet/

Ladies First

Ladies First is a female barbershop quartet created in 2013. All four members sing with the Buffalo Gateway Show Chorus (BGC).  Members include (from Left to Right) Kim Hooker singing tenor, Sharon Wolff singing bass, Bonnie Sugrue singing lead and Bonnie King singing baritone.
Prior to Ladies First, Sharon Wolff performed with four competitive quartets, winning multiple medals, and won the regional championship with Vocal Motion in 1994.  Sharon is the Assistant Director of BGC, a bass section leader and has been in Sweet Adelines for 24 years. Bonnie King has been in Sweet Adelines for 12 years.  She previously sang with Spindrift Quartet and Resolution Quartet, who placed 4th at the 2015 Regional Contest.  Bonnie King is head of BGC Membership, part of the Music Direction Committee, and is a Music Mentor.  Kim Hooker is Administrative Co-Chair of BGC’s The New Member Group, which assists new members in their first year with the chorus.  Kim has been singing tenor with BGC since 2007.   Bonnie Sugrue joined BGC in 2011. She sits on the Music Direction Committee, is a music mentor and is the Co-Chair of the Public Relations Committee. 

Contact e=mail: bonnie.sugrue@gmail.com
Contact phone: 716-200-3991
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LadiesFirstQuartet/


The word "Serendipity" refers to a "fortunate happenstance" -- and is a well-penned description of this female barbershop quartet.  Indeed, the members of this group found something special when they weren't even looking!  While these ladies share a love of four-part harmony, they share a special friendship as well. Mary Rose Cameron (tenor) is a third- generation barbershopper and has sung with BGC since 1995.  She is a Tenor Section Director and member of BGC's Music Direction Committee. Kerrie Pogodzinski (lead) has sung with BGC since 1996. She is a Lead Section Director, member of BGC's Music Direction Committee and performs in BGC's front row.  Prior to Serendipity, Kerrie sang in Stylin' Quartet and earned the Novice Quartet Award in the Region 16 Contest. Diane Porsch (baritone), BGC's front-line director since 2001, is a life-long musician.  Her Sweet Adelines career began in 1974, and her involvement is extensive: she is currently a Master Director, International Coach, Certified International Faculty Member, a Certified International Showmanship Judge, Vocal Teacher, Music Seminar Facilitator and participates in Sweet Adelines’ Education Direction Committee (and these are the things she's doing now - this list doesn't include her "past" positions and involvement!)  Di previously sang lead for 7 years with BGC's comedy quartet, Sitcom.   Caren Chaffee (bass) has sung with BGC since 2000.  She is BGC's Assistant Choreographer, Bass Section Director, member of BGC's Music Direction Committee and performs in BGC's front row.  Harmonies define many quartets, but Serendipity's close friendship is their most distinguishing characteristic.

Contact e-mail: kerriep@msn.com
Contact phone: 716-316-5549
Photo copyright: Jon B. Petersen

Stay Tuned

Photo coming soon!

Tenor: Heather Stevens, Lead: Leigha Eichhorn, Bari: Amy Stacey, Bass: Lauren Johnson

Contact e-mail: hbstevens13@yahoo.com
Contact phone: 716-812-8197

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